Charles Dilisio Photography

Capturing the Sensational Soulful Sublime


Creating photography that transcends the medium, to me, is just as wonderful and difficult as it is for a painter, sculptor or any other fine artist to make their visions come to life. The art of photography allows me to capture the moment along with motion that cannot be duplicated in any other medium.

A successful photograph conveys the feeling of the exact time and place when and where it was taken - to be used over and over again as it is viewed through the years as an anchor to a memory that is treasured.

My goal is to continuously grow as a photographer in showing my interests in the world around me through my camera and hopefully have the results touch the viewers in the same manner it has touched me.


CAPTUring the sensational, soulful & sublime

Anyone can light, anyone can get the lens, anyone can get the camera, not everyone can see and do.

                                                                 — Richard Dischler